EyeCandy Sculpture

Welcome to EyeCandy ArtWorks. We made EyeCandy™ from 1995 to 2004. We currently have no EyeCandy pieces for sale and will probably never make any more.

EyeCandy was made by us personally. We cast the shapes in Poly Acrylic, which looks very much like glass. Then we would sand, polish, carve, shape, and who knows what to create our artform. We used vacuum chambers and tools of our own design and manufacture, as well as more conventional tools from dental picks to drill presses. We had no apprentices or employees. We personally hand crafted each EyeCandy piece.

This site is essentially idling. We are not pursuing EyeCandy as a business at the present time.

Our Music

We are also musicians. As artists, we are often too involved in pursuing our art to effectively turn our efforts into some sort of a living. In that spirit, our music is totally free. We are not trying to sell it at this time. The worst thing you'll have to endure to listen to our music is to set up a username at Soundclick.com. You can download or stream, your choice.

Thanks very much for visiting. We hope you take the time to look through the gallery or listen to some tunes. Just follow the links above. The "About Us" section includes links to our DIY pool pages, contact info, livestock info, and anything else we feel like throwing in there.