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EyeCandy ArtWorks
What it is and Who we are

EyeCandy ArtWorks is the work of Billy James and Lisa Miller, with contributions from friend and fellow artist: David Morrissey. We are little-known artists working in an unusual medium. This is not glass, nor is it true acrylic. EyeCandy is made from a blend of Acrylic and poly resins. True acrylic is a much more limiting medium and most acrylic sculptures are identical reproductions of the original sculpture. Each piece of our artwork is a one-of-a-kind, hand made, original work. There are some "series" pieces that have elements in common, like the Gaia series, but each piece is unique.

Our tools:
We have designed and built (and rebuilt) many of the tools used in our pursuits. Our sanding and finishing processes require wet sanding. Our casting processes use large vacuum chambers (which we build.) The final polishing of our artwork is done with buffing wheels which we also make from hand selected cloth. We created this web site including the original music, graphics, video, etc. The background music on the videos is taken from our original songs. We also run our company including marketing, packing and shipping, manufacturing, etc. We personally make the artwork that we sell. (We don't grow the trees for our wood or manufacture the chemicals. Can anything truly be "made from scratch?" We try.)

The nature and care of EyeCandy:
EyeCandy is made from a blend of poly and acrylic resins. It looks more like glass than plexiglas. EyeCandy should not be exposed to direct sunlight or solvents. If exposed to direct sunlight, yellowing will occur. We put a UV resistant, hard glaze on EyeCandy before we ship it, but it doesn't provide enough protection to prevent yellowing in direct sunlight.
To clean EyeCandy, it should be rinsed in cool water to remove dust and dirt before cleaning with a polish like Pledge™. We include a soft polishing cloth for cleaning the artwork, but any flannel is fine. Handling or wiping a piece of dirty EyeCandy can cause fine surface scratches.

If tragedy strikes:
If some tragedy occurs and your EyeCandy is broken, please don't throw it away without contacting us to see about repair first. If the kids took it out in the yard and left it to be run over by a lawn mower, it's probably toast, but you'd be surprised at how many things can be repaired.

We hope you'll enjoy a stroll if not an actual meander through our gallery. It's nice to know our labors are being appreciated. Even though the pieces are one-of-a-kind, there are distinct motifs and idioms; and some pieces are based on reproductions of original sculpture. The techniques used to produce these pieces were developed through years of exploring this beautiful material.